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About me

I am Demi Jansen, a master student Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technnology. I just returned from a research internship at RISE in Sweden, where I conducted design research on how open-ended play contributes to the physical literacy of children. Currently, I am starting my second master degree in Applied Cognitive Psychology. Next to this, I am currently open for a part-time postion as product/ux/service designer. July I will be back in the Netherlands and open for a new position.

I am interested in designing within the complexity of societal transformation. During my master I am exploring the area of Service Design. I adapt well to new challenges, where I stay down-to-earth to be comfortable with the ambiguity of complex issues. I strongly believe in the power of making to get ideas experiencable which is reflected in my design process.

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My vision on design

The world is constantly undergoing change. Societal transformation brings complex challenges that are often not easily realized. Designers can make a crucial contribution by creating ways to support people in this change.

I want to motivate and empower people to take part in creating solutions. I believe design can be used as a medium to change the way society perceives the world around us.
By creating tools and experiences that aim for awareness and understanding of challenges we face, I hope to trigger an intrinsic motivation to create a positive shift.

I’m very aware of how everyone’s unique talents and perspectives positively influence a process. Therefore I highly value working in complementary teams.
I am able to handle multiple tasks, but I can also narrow down and deeply focus on one task. My persistence together with curiosity leads me to have a constant hunger to explore what’s out there.


+ User Experience Design

+ Design / User Research

+ UI design

+ Rapid Prototyping

+ 3D modelling and rendering


+ Adobe Suite

+ 3D printing